High quality of the production it is one of the main goal of the Proton-Electrotex company.

Company was awarded with the golden mark of quality “Russian National Mark (3rd millennium)”. This certification assures consumers that the product meets all requirements of the Russian government, meets all quality standards and is included in the National Program promoting the best Russian goods, services and technologies.

The following goods were awarded with the gold mark of quality:

  • IGBT MIAA 150-400A, 1200 / 1700V
  • IGBT MIDA 300-600A, 1200-1700V
  • IGBT MIFA 75-200A, 1200 / 1700V

Proton-Electrotex took part in contest Green Light held for promising technologies and products used in public transportation.

The FullSiC MCDA module presented by Proton-Electrotex has won this contest as a promising project for use in urban electric transport. The Award Commission includes representatives of organizations playing the leading role in urban transport development in Russia.

The Green Light contest is held by the committee organizing the ElectroTrans conference and exhibition. It is aimed to highlight new prospective products for urban electric transport.