Power Components

YANGZHOU POSITIONING TECH CO.LTD is one of greatest Chinese companies from 2003 in power semiconductors. They work with a lot of factories and each of them is related to a particular line of products. There is a wide gamma of power components: presspack with thyristors and diodes from 150A to 18000A, stud components, scr and diodes, with current from 5A up to 600A isolated base modules, with scr and diodes, with currents and tensions till maximum values asked by industrial market. Avalanche Diodes, scr and fast diodes, with disk and stud case. What you will find in our tables is approximate the production till now, but is correct to tell that YZPST is able to build specific components, taking cue from any other builder (Ex WESTCODE, G.E., WESTINGHOUSE, INFINEON, SEMIKRON, VISHAY, etc.). PST also propose a series of fuses for protection of semiconductors. This series of semiconductors fuses have high rated capacity, fused-speed, the abilities of breaking capacity is high and low power consumption.

Since 1975 began G.F.P.'s activity. The long experience and continuous research process have materialized in the realization and development of a large rang of products, including the production of clamps pre-calibrated for disk case diodes and thiristors, produced with different center distances and calibrations of clamping. All metal surfaces are galvanically treated to avoid corrosion.

PROTON Society was born in 1996 in Russia. It develops in years with growing competence and capacities that goes step by step with money invested. Now time PROTON has a lot of high quality power components with a first order technical documentation. Growing of semiconductors market request has incentivize production of: disc and stud thyristors, disc and stud diodes, disc and stud, fast thyristors and fast diodes, avalanche diodes and a big gamma of power modules arriving to maximum currents now request on market.

MC RESISTORI Society is involved in electrical resistors since 1953 and it has a lot of experience. MC RESISTORI can guarantee a good and constant quality and respect in furniture terms. Resistors gamma is very wide and they can produce special executions asked by customers.

More than 60 years realizing protection fuse for high and low tension. Particular attention in production of extra-fast fuses used to protect power semiconductors used in Industry. High quality has an important role in security of protection function given. Fuses SIBA are product not just in the German base but also in their branches abroad and distributed all over the world.

SIRECTIFIER Electronics Technology Corporation, founded in 1993, is one of the biggest manufacturers in the field of power electronics.

SIRECTIFIER has cleaning room for more than 8400 sqm engaged on more production lines.

The production is composed of a diverse range of products among which we can find: IGBT discrete and module, MOSFETs, thyristors and diodes power modules, Schottky diodes, FRED, triac, single and shree phase bridge rectifier modules.

Most Sirectifier products are UL certified.